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Since 1989

The year 2018 marks our 29th year in business, providing the most competitive array of Life and Health products available with a focus on personal service that is second to none. Our expertise as independent brokers eliminates the dangerous guesswork and mistake-prone application process that a do-it-yourself approach often produces. And because there is never a fee for our services, there is simply no reason to risk navigating these critical decisions without the proper guidance.

That's what we're here for. It's what we do best.


Our team commit's itself to providing unmatched service for each and every client, whatever the need may be. It's important to stay educated on new products as they come out to ensure that you stay properly positioned within the market available. You can count on us to provide this guidance and have comfort in knowing that you're always making the right decision.


Depending on each persons' individual situation, insurance needs may vary. Being an independent agency gives us the versatility to be able to help people from all aspects of life. Being given a choice provides a great sense of relief to the individuals that we meet with, knowing their best interests remain at heart.  We represent a variety of different insurance carriers but most importantly, we represent our clients. 


 In 25+ years, we have built many relationships within our industry that allow us to better-serve our clients. Knowing about certain programs can mean a difference of thousands per year. We are here to help you navigate any opportunities for potential savings, and working closely with our network assures information is accurate and processed in a timely manner.

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